Our head office in Ukraine is located in Starokonstantinov city. If you plan to send us the texts by mail, then our postal address is 31100, Khmelnytskyi region, Starokonstantinov city, Krinichki Str, building 44/1.

We work from Monday through Friday with the standard schedule – from 9 am, to 6 pm. We can work on the weekends too, if you agree this with us. If you have any questions, you can write to this e-mail:

But with all that, we work in not only Ukraine - thanks to the Internet, we are available in France, Switzerland and many other countries. Just send a request for our service through the e-mail – and pay your order!

Among our services – there are:
  1. Written translation;
  2. Learning foreign languages;
  3. Interpreting.
Minfociv is an international company. And this means that:
  1. First of all, we provide you with a  truly high quality service;
  2. Second, we have the representatives in other countries!
You can find our representatives:
  • On the territory of the Former Soviet Union and the so-called “national republics”, so mainly in Slavic countries: Belarus, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova,   Poland, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Czech Republic and Estonia;
  • In Western Europe: Austria, Andorra, Belgium, Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Finland, France, Sweden, Switzerland.
If you choose to cooperate with us an interpreter or as language instructor, then we are waiting for your resume to provide very good payment according to the results, in the end of the month, we give notification for penalties beforehand.

If you wish to cooperate with us as our partner, by becoming the owner of one of the representatives of our joint business – go to e-mail. We are ready to give you the profit percentage from the major customers you will bring, and to help with the work for your customers. Today we have more than eighty partners in different countries and all of them are satisfied with our collaboration.

You can contact our managers on all issues. Be sure you will not remain unanswered!

Waiting for your emails!