Translation of documents

Translation bureau actually offers four types of translations: literature translation, web-site translation, native-speaker translation and translation of documents. In case of literature translation, the main point is stylistics, in case of web-site – accessibility and perspicuity, translation made by the native-speaker has its own peculiarities which we will discuss separately, but the translation of documents requires specific discourse. The key-point here is neither style, nor theme but proficiency in legislative requirements of the country the documents being translated for. The team members of our translation bureau have all these knowledge and experience – we deal with it not the first year.

Our translation bureau wit “MINFOCIV” offers you translations of the following documents: academic transcripts, address sheets, business plans,  birth records, sickness certificates, apostilles, forms, registrar’s certificates (both education and workplace), visas, passports and pet passports, motor vehicle certificates, general certificates of secondary education, balance sheets, timesheets, bulletins, veterinary certificates, residence permits, driver’s licenses or driver’s cards, attachments to birth certificates, military service cards; extracts from such documents as citizens’ register, marriage lines, names changing certificate, additional education certificate, dedicated training certificate, divorce certificate, graduation certificate from the driver training school, birth or death certificate, trade register, any bank certificate or bank reference; Diplomas of Higher Education, agreements, attorney letters, contracts, testaments, intentions of marriage or any other applications, student’s record books, liabilities, instructions, bills of landing, personal letters and business letters, migration cards, judicial acts, tax declarations, pension certificates, payment documents, seals, boarding cards, attachments to testimonials or diplomas of different educational levels, infringement notices, handwritten texts, TIN certificates; production certificates, certificates of vaccination, certificates of completing courses, certificates of education; consent to kids’ leaving abroad, administrative orders on renaming of an organization or an enterprise, letters of sponsorship; certificates issued by: CIAD (Chief Internal Affairs Directorate), bank, Civil Registry Office, register, certificates of: marriage, civil status, incomes, registration of marriage, salary, name changing, inhabitancy, divorcement, vehicle registration, status familiae, disability, education, account status,  pensionary certificate, certificate of employment, school information sheet; articles, books, student ID cards, technical descriptions and passports, custom declarations, data-sheets, employment record books, delivery slips, constitutions of companies, identity cards, CV, medical assessment reports, epicrises, stamps, autobiographies, character references and any other documents which are not included into this list.

Notarization of translation is another key element. It means that we not only offer you a qualitative translation, but provide you with notarial services which officially proves that the translator had really worked on the particular text and the signature is not fake. Such translations are usually claimed by organizations (and private persons as well) in case if legal value of the translated record is demanded. What is more, there are circumstances when a pension fund, a police office, a Civil Registry Office or Department of Revenue Services claim for notarized translations of documents which were issued in other countries; saying nothing of documents which confirm visa eligibility or execute international contracts.
In the matter of notarization of translation, the moment of accuracy is extremely important: unreadable print and erasures, misprints and corrections may keep the notaries away from verification of translation. Partly this is the reason why it is necessary to apply into professional translation bureau – everything will be drawn up perfectly and you will not be refused neither by notaries nor in foreign country.

To order a notarized translation you have to clearly provide us with original document and clarify at that statutory how to spell his last, first and middle names with Latin letters according to international passport or analogue document.

Make no doubts, translation of a document will be executed most accurately! 

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