Translation of marketing texts

Marketing or advertising texts are not something out of the common. They include different advertising articles, description of promotional offers, banners, news. At the same time, translation of advertising texts and marketing materials, in particular, is an absolutely specific task. After all, an original text is written in such a way that a person, after reading it, would become interested in goods or services described in the text. For a marketing text to be translated successfully, a translator working on it has to be quite good in marketing and to be able to present information in such a way that it will be interesting to customers. When it comes to an advertising slogan, things are even more complicated: it has to be translated not just literally but according to the facts of other country’s life. As an example we can think of McDonald’s slogan ‘McDonalds is always good’ in Russian and Ukrainian — it keeps the meaning in both languages but sounds differently at the same time. In Ukrainian, it is rhymed and consequently it sounds more effectively. With advertising slogans, there are many drawbacks, details, and obviously failed translations. That’s why advertising translator has to be a true professional!

If you entrust our translation bureau with your translation order of marketing or advertising texts, you have five reasons to do so:
  1. Our translation bureau is one of the leading on the market. We are trusted by our clients, we work with fairly big companies, and we know how to translate, what and why. 
  2. Translation of marketing texts as well as translation of advertising materials is a direct responsibility of professional marketing specialists. 
  3. The materials we are working with are of such high quality that we even have the international certificate Translation Services – Service Requirements.
  4. We provide support of advertising campaigns irrespective of text sizes. 
  5. We are precise and finish work on time.
Whatever we translate, our editors proofread translations on a mandatory basis and check every tiny detail to make sure there are no mistakes in the text. Besides, a native speaker of the target language will look through the final text, without any exceptions, and point out if the text will be perceived by a target audience in a relevant way, with the account of cultural differences. Professional translators and professional approach is our slogan without any doubt!

Our services include translation of the following kinds of texts: 
  • advertising texts and Public Relations materials;
  • publicist writing: articles, screenplays for radio and TV; 
  • notes, researches, reports – any analytical materials regardless of complexity and size;
  • diaries and memoirs;
  • texts that will be read as speeches and presentations;
  • letters, emails;
  • advertising slogans, companies mission statements, trademarks and company names.
Before placing a translation order, specify on a mandatory basis if the text is part of the bigger material, or if it is separate. If it is part of the bigger material, we’ll have to look through the other parts of it, in order to adjust stylistic details.

As to such important factor as the price of advertising materials translation, it is normally not higher than the prices of regular translations, but in some cases an individual estimate of price takes place. Anyway, we’ll be happy to receive your orders and perform translation of absolutely any kind of texts, regardless of subject, before the deadline and maintaining high standards! 

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