Written translation

If you need the written translation – it is reasonable to contact our translation agency. Indeed our specialists will manage it excellently: we work with different object languages, with any themes, and also we hire only the most trained and professional translators. Let us tell you what it is necessary to do to order the written translation!

1.  Provide us the original text, which we will translate. Either we can accept it by e-mail or you can provide us the hard copy version in the office.

2. We will make calculation of the translation costhere it is important the theme and complexity of the text, amount of the pages, if any experts are needed to involve the translators (for example, in the sphere of the compound definitions), within what time we must make your translation.

3. If you agree, we will make Translation Agreement and acceptance act of the services – we will elaborate all details of the order in the Agreement, and actually, we will execute it in a minute. If you work with us through Internet, more or less we will send the document for signing at once, immediately we will give you to sign it in the office. The point is we have all samples of the agreements, and the main thing is to combine the text from so-called pieces. We can work without the agreement if you do not see fit to execute it.
If you do not agree because you are not happy with the translation cost – forget about concerns that any way we will make the translation of the text and we will claim money from you. The work won’t be started until we agree about everything.
4. Your text will have the unique number – it is worth to remember it. Why? Because if you decide to call us to ask, for example, about the status of the translation, the manager who does not make the translation will consult you successfully about the translation number seven hundred fifty two but not about «there is a book with the poems by Leonila Mavalskaya».
5. At the very beginning you can specify your requirements about such point as the drawing up of the translation. If you have left it to our discretion, we will draw up the translation in the classic text editor Microsoft Office Word.
5.1. At first the translator must read the original text. If there are compound terms (for example, it is the technical or medical translation) in the text – he needs to make the glossary. The glossary is the peculiar vocabulary, which it is crucial to use while working with the specific text. If the translator cannot find all these words in the specialized dictionary or he is not sure about the fidelity of the dictionary translation, he consult the specialist expert. If there are no terms, any way it is crucial to read the text to get a sense of its meaning and logic, understanding how to translate it hereafter.
5.2. The rough translation work starts where it is not very important if there are misprints or incorrectness. Then the translator reared along the original text and the rough copy attentively, comparing and verifying themAll incorrectness will be noticed as text will be checked not only by the translator.
6. We make translation editing, then we send the ready translation to you. Consequently, you receive absolute ideal text, which was worked out by the translator and editor, maximum – the whole team!

Contact our translation agency and you won’t grudge that you have ordered the written translation in our agency!

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